Exercise And German Shepherds: How Much Is Too Much

GSDs, especially those from the working line, are athletic dogs who need regular exercise to maintain their overall health, boost appetite and drain some energy from their infinite pool enthusiasm so that they don’t drain their owners or start destroying things around them. Since we’ve two of these balls of energy always bugging us to entertain them in some way or the other, here’s some sort of an exercise regime we’ve drafted out for them.

1. Running in the morning

If your GSD over a year old and his hip and elbow X-rays have come out fine without any hint of a possible dysplasia, you can take him out for at least a 45 minute long run early in the morning. It’ll develop and tone his muscles well, ensure a healthy digestive system and help curb some of his energy that may become destructive otherwise. Even if not every day, practicing this at least 4 times a week would be ideal.

2. Long Walks

For a pup below one year, too much running is not ideal as it may weaken his still developing muscles. However, once he’s past 6 months of age and doesn’t have any know health issues, it should be fine to take him out on walks, at least once a day. If he gets too tired, it’s ok to let him rest intermittently, but the earlier he gets used to his walking regime, the better it is.

3. Flirtpoles

Whether he goes for walk/run or not, flirtpoles are an excellent way of making him work and building up his prey drive. You can buy flirtpoles in store or make your very own with his favorite toy at the end of a long stick.

4. Mental Exercise

GSDs have very strong minds of their own which may take a turn for the worse and make them behave with a destructive attitude. Make him work, i.e. make him follow a command (it can be basic like Look, Sit, Down, etc. ) before he gets his favorite toy, treat or even some cuddling for you. He needs to earn every bit of thing by working for it and this would help to channelize his energy in a constructive direction.


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