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Born and raised in Kolkata, the Indian City of Joy, I immigrated to the United States as a graduate student in 2005. I now live in Danville, California with my husband, two gigantic German Shepherd puppies and a bunch of Discus fish. An engineer and MBA by background, a marketing designer by profession, a voracious reader and a compulsive movie addict by hobby, I can't stop talking about interesting, exciting, intriguing and inspiring stuff I stumble up on.

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  1. Doug
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    Did you consider training the dog to stop the unwanted behavior (whining) ? The ‘No’ command or ‘Stop’ can be taught and associated with the unwanted behavior. So if whining is unwanted, why allow it to continue ? Ask yourself why you do allow an unwanted and annoying behavior to continue.

  2. Doug
    Doug at | | Reply

    ‘ If you’ve to tell him the same thing a million times a day, please do so ‘ is not correct. If you meant many times a day, the training is not getting through to the dog and is most likely not being done right. Teaching a command generally does not take a lot of repititions every day for days on end.

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